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February 4, 2013
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Piped Piper Happy Never After by Carneeval Piped Piper Happy Never After by Carneeval
For :iconhappy-never-after:
Oh god, you do not know the amount I wanna use this guy, he shall be wonderful :iconcryforeverplz: I need to wait to see if the Pied Piper can be added in, but hopefully yes~ If not, all is well. A bit of "to be updated"s but I do not know him properly yet, so I will have more to put in those places lator~

:bulletred:Name: Abel

:bulletblack:Title: Pied Piper

:bulletred:Story: The Pied Piper

:bulletblack:Job: Delivers/Messengers

:bulletred:Skills: Hypnosis through music,

:bulletblack:Weaknesses: People, easily convinced into things, mental instability makes him easy to send into fits (TBU)

:bulletred:Age: 19

:bulletblack:Gender: Male

:bulletred:Height: 5'8”

:bulletblack:Weight: 112

:bulletred:Weapon: The Pipe he carries about with him has a hypnosis attribute to it, but stronger the mind is, the easier it is to resist. (To add, I will keep this under check, I will not godmod with the ability)

:bulletblack:Likes: Music, Friends, “helping”, tomato sauce, vests, (TBU)

:bulletred:Dislikes: People, swift decision making, the word “wrong”, raised or angry voices,(TBU)
:bulletblack:Personality: He's a kind smiling exterior, with an obsessive and murderous interior. He often thinks that his intentions are for the best for those he cares about, unable to be convinced that hurting people is not okay when it seems to him It is for the best. He is extremely giving and loyal to those he feels dedicated to, but slips into his moments of psychosis easier, the more he trusts or obsesses over another. He can be standoffish and anti-social at times and easily overwhelmed by large groups.

:bulletred:Background: In his homeland, he lived a fairly secluded life, those about him noticed there was something terribly off about him and warned others to keep their distance, a state of natural instinct with the male, a fair choice to make. He was homeschooled with his mother, all on their own, in his childhood. She always told him they were different, that others would not understand their differences, so they must keep separate from them. He didn't understand it fully, and he did not like it. He watched the other children from his window, making stories in his head about them, who they were, making them into perfect little angels in his eyes, there was nothing wrong with them, like his mother said, absolutely nothing. It wasn't until his eleventh birthday, that she began teaching him the real reason that they kept separate from the others, what they could do. She taught him the ways of the Pied Pipers hypnosis on rats that she purchased from pet stores, slowly teaching him to control them, and eventually, from the same window that he would watch the others of his age from, past the walls, control the other people. He enjoyed making them dance. Dancing just seemed like so much fun, people seemed happy when they danced normally, but never when he forced it from them. Never. He couldn't understand it, he was giving them something beautiful, the ability to dance without reason... And yet they panicked, and screamed, and FROWNED. How he hated frowning. Those with perfection never frowned, and he didn't see why they had any reason to. With the ties she had, his mother gained him a job at the post office at the age of seventeen, and he rather liked the job. He got to see people. He got to answer questions. He got to be out and about. But his methods of socialization and speaking was odd, and people noticed. And people became nervous about the strange boy with discolored hair and eyes who seemed a little too rapt in the conversations when they were had. That stared at one without moving his eyes, ever, just kept staring on with a smile. People became wary about him, especially with how reclusive his mother was.
She passed away when he was eighteen, he found her on the floor of the kitchen, curled up in a small ball, every part of her stiff. He waited days and days for her to get back up, staying by the body, not minding as the smell got worse, believing it was just all part of what he had to withstand for her to return. It wasn't until the post office noticed his missing and the neighbors got the smell that anyone called it to the polices attention. He had screamed and begged for them not to take her, that she would be up soon. They thought to get him medical help, but no one thought to gain the already strange boy some sort of psychological help, it was just small town, no one considered it needed.
He stopped being as social, simply delivering the mail, continuing his job per usual, and trying to survive each day by playing his pipe and making little rats he purchased from the same pet store dance. One day, as he leaned against his window and watched the goings on of the outside on his day off, he saw a parent slap their child's hand and drag him inside. This perked his attention. The boy had been caught stealing another of many small toys from a local store, to add to his already vast collection of toys, a spoiled child just taking more of what they wanted.
But Abel didn't see this. It came to his obsessive mind, that this child wasn't safe with the parents he had, and the more he looked, the more he believed this was absolutely true. Everywhere, these children of the town were simply doomed, absolutely doomed, they were not going to grow up happy, he believed they were MISERABLE. And he had to help them. The only way to help them, was to destroy them.
This he decided.
One early morning, when the clock struck three AM, he wore an old style suit his mother had constructed for him, for his nineteenth birthday that she would not be present for, and stood out in the streets, before raising the pipe to his lips, and began playing. As he played and walked, children left their homes and followed along with him, little rats scurrying along with him all the way.
That night, Abel was responsible for the murder of sixty-five children in the small town. Every child who once lived there, aside for one who tripped along the way and sprained their ankle, unable to follow along with the others to their death.
When questioned, she said she could not remember a thing, just that she woke in the street when the sun came up.
She then proceeded to ask if her friends were alright, and why so many people were crying.
Abel left after he had ended the children. He knew none of the parents would understand. He knew the law would not be forgiving if he stayed. They, also, would not understand. They were tainted and corrupt. He did not need to stay for their judgment. He believed he had SAVED those children. He could not be told otherwise, and never would. It began a long streak of obsessions over people, and murder, all adding up on the hands of Adan, the Pied Piper.

:bulletblack:Other additional info:

He is very much single, I will be scared for anyone if that ever changes.
Situations of negative feelings (anger, cry, ect.) will easily send him into his “fits” and he will do his best to “fix it”, usually in the worst ways possible.
He isn't a very sexually conscious person, he isn't ignorant about it, but it doesn't matter much to him, but without his knowledge, his in fact homosexual, unable to see females past a sort of motherly role.

Contact information: You can note me or ask for my skype if you have one, or comment here and we will RP here!
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macabun Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013
I know you from somewhere. :iconsobbuplz: Hmm, I just can't put my finger on it.

Damian: Thats a very nice pipe you got there sir! :iconsparkleeyeyuiplz: I'm Damian! > v o )/ and this is my older brother Deanny.

Deandre: I told you not to tell people that! :iconmadazusaplz:
twendigo Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist
He looks lovely :iconamgplz: <3 *casually applies for the same group because woah fairy tales :heart:*
Luskish Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
Amg so cute!
Zia: why hello they're -shyly- I love will you be able to play some for me?
RomiLu Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
he is a cutie!!! <33333 i just love him!!!! :iconblushplz:
Kila-Knight Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Kila: *she would look at him curiously. Not saying a word at the present as she circles him, inspecting his form, her eyes glance at the flute when she has made her mind up about him she stops infront of him smiling sweetly* Hi there, I'm Kila. Kila Ogoichi
Mansym Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Unff, he looks good~ seems pretty damn awesome.

Tacy: ... g-greetings? ouo' I believe we haven't been introduced, I'm Tacy Merryweather ^^

Cake: H-HELLO! =D Hello pipe man! I'm cake ^o^ I'm a bear! rawr! I like your red! The red is really nice! =D Do you like food? I looove food ^o^
Carneeval Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Abel: *Shakes his head, offering his head with a fidgety smile* Tacy... Tacy Merryweather... How nice... It is to meet you! I-- *Jumps a bit with Cake's loud interaction, freezing up for a moment, before nodding* Ah yes... Cake that... You are a bear... I... *Tries to keep up with all these questions* Yes, food is nice. Your name is a food ite,.
Mansym Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tacy: C-Cake... Please stop that, you might be making the new guy uncomfortable.

Cake: oh? =D I'm sorry pipe man but you really loook so coool~ x3 yes! it is like the food! it is really confusing when people start talking about eating cake because then I think they want to eat me D8 and I haven't tried to eat anyone here yet... *fidgets fingers together while ey pouts* But it's all just a misunderstanding so it's fiine! You know Pipe man, you seem like a nice guy owo Want a bear hug?!
GORILLAA Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
His background is really well written. It sounds like a real murder case of a serial killer! I loved it actually. :O

Crow: Hmm.... Hypnosis. That sounds very intriguing. *nods head* Intriguing indeed since it is so uncommon actually. What kind of genre does hypnosis music fall into? Can it be done with many of the other instruments, disregarding the pipe? Is there a certain melody that must be played in order for the process to work? Or is there another method behind it?*holds hand up to sky in dramatic way* OH! The endless possibilities! The numerous questions that I ponder about! IT OVERWHELMS ME!
Carneeval Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Eeeee, thank you so much ;//V//;! I have always been a big fan of the Pied Piper, and it just came together for me, I am so happy it is liked!

Abel: *The more the person speaks, the more his expression becomes overwhelmed. Out of everyone he had spoken to thus far, this one had spoken the most out of all of them, and keeping up was causing an expression of almost fear to come to his face* It uh... I just... Play... *He holds up the pipe to display it to the scarecrow* I have never tried playing any other instruments, my mother just instructed me toward the Pipe... I believe it carries the music better to people... Somehow... I think of what I want them to do, and I play. I believe I make my tunes with what I want the command, so I suppose the command matches the music to the persons brain... *Grits his teeth when he yells*
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